Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Rode In by Albert Zayat {Book Review}

Cal is a journalist who's career is on the line, he might be able to redeem himself with a tip about a violent gun fight in an upstate New York bar named Destiny. Immediately he takes the road trip to find out what happened.

The book opens with Cal's road trip to New York while listening to a radio show which features a doctor "Doc" who believes it's possible for people to come back from the dead. As the storm cuts in and out of the radio show, you see the beginning of all the mysterious things that are about to occur. It gets even weirder as he stops for gas and the gas station attendant seems to know all about Cal's life, including his past, present, and future. Just when Cal thinks that things can't get any weirder, the map he is following seems to be changing every time he reaches his destination.

Zayat uses an insane amount of words to portray how truly mysterious everything is around him including the people he comes into contact with. By the time Cal arrives to the bar, I was prepared for the book to be over just from the amount of words already used just for the drive to the climax of the story.

Cal arrives at the bar where the fight took place, and meets a man named Malcolm who mysteriously appears out of no where. Malcolm is the turning point of the book where Cal really starts to search for the answers behind all his unanswered questions.

There are so many clues and hints along the way throughout reading the book, some which are obvious information while other is unclear information. I read all the information hoping that further down the pages, some of the information and notes I was taking along the way would be found useful to solving the countless mysteries that appear for the whole duration of the book.

By the end of the book I was trying to plug in all the information I had gained from reading into the mysteries, but it did not make everything clear as I was hoping. I am going to read this book one more time and hope that by reading the end, it will help me understand the other parts of the book.

I found this to be a bit of an exhausting read. There is pointless information and critical information, its completely unclear as to which is which, even in the end when I thought everything was coming together. I believe the second or third time I read this, it will become more clear. I would recommend taking notes and remembering as many key points as you can while reading this book.

I could have done without all the rambling and useless information, this way it would have been a much more of a thriller novel instead of a cluster of information that is left up to the reader to put it all together.

Overall, I would give this book a rating of 2/5. Zayat is very creative and imaginative but I think with a bit more structure to the story line it would be a much better book.

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