Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Humanity of Justice by Burke Strunkey

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The Humanity of Justice

This is a true crime novel told by a veteran prosecutor. What's unique about this book is that the cases they refer to are based on some of the biggest legal cases in history. 

These stories will really grab you into the book, and captivate you into the cases of murder and child abuse. It's devastating and heartbreaking to read about such extreme violence, but that's what thrilling crime novels are all about. 

I wasn't able to put this book down without knowing how each case was handled in court, and if the justice was served to those who I felt deserved it. Strunkey goes above and beyond to see retribution for the victims. 

Not only was I completely engrossed in each case itself, but I also became supremely connected to Strunkey as he shares his own personal and social views on each case he is involved on. 

This is crime thriller novel that I also found quite educational. I learned a lot from Burke Strunkey since he uses such great detail of the justice system. You analyzes and explains his process of being a prosecutor which makes it so easy to love Burke even more. 

I recommend this to anyone interested in the justice system, with a riveting and hair-raising, real life stories. Burke Strunkey writes a one of a kind adddicting novel that enthralled me from chapter one. 

I give this book

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