Saturday, September 1, 2012

Robyn's Egg by Mark Souza

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Robyn's Egg - A Futuristic Thriller

In the future we will become fertile, and unable to have children. You are controlled by the net which is extremely guarded. If you fight against it, or the all powerful Perko authority, you will find yourself in rehab or even killed.

Robyn is desperate to have a baby, you can feel the need in her that wants to procreate. Every bone in her body tells her it is what she is missing, and what she needs. She convinces Moyer to spend all of their money in the savings to find a baby.

Moyer foolishly makes a deal with Perko, that he ends up not being able to hold up to. This is just the beginning of a horrible trip for two people who just want a baby to love. After twists and turns that come up with nothing but dead ends, the couple finds themselves on the run to Beget. I won't spoil the whole book for you, but the roller coaster of thrills and conspiracy don't stop here.

Robyn and Moyer are such true and believable characters that you can feel the pain that they have to endure. They both share the spotlight of main characters, and neither of them over powers or controls the other. They are a team relying on one another equally as a partnership.

All through this book, I found myself contemplating such a society, and with Mark's great writing skills, it wasn't hard to imagine.

Robyn and Moyer go thorough such a life altering experience, that they come out on the other side completely different people.

Although the premise of the book might be similar to other dystopian books or movies, the characters is what really shows Mark Souza's unique creativity.

I give this book 
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