Friday, September 21, 2012

Play It Again Charlie by R. Cooper {Book Review}

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Play It Again, Charlie

Charlie Howard has some serious self esteem problems after being mentally and physically torn down and broken apart. He has made a huge career change from being on the police force, to teaching at a community college. After constantly being torn down by the outside world, he has accepted his fate of never getting what he feels he deserves. So now, he hides inside his apartment, unwilling to face the world in order to avoid disappointment. 

On the outside, he needs to be the strong and brave man he wants to appear as to his sisters, now that their mother is gone. He hides his pain and depression, but can he really hide forever. 

Honestly, Charlie's family uses him for so many different things in their life, it's not surprising that they don't see what's going on inside of Charlie. 

Things are so dull and boring, not to mention a bit depressing, until someone flirty and sexy moves in to the apartment building just across the hallway. He is conflicted because he knows he wants to be with sexual with Will but can he make this something long term? He's gone through so much, does he have any love to give? Does he have anything in him worth loving? 

It's a long road to opening up to someone new with absolutely no experience, together they will help each other overcome their fears and find true love. They can sometimes appear to be a normal couple who bickers now and then, but I found their dialogue to get a bit confusing. I wasn't sure if I was skimming through paragraphs, but when I'd go and re-read I found it seemed to be missing a lot. Or maybe they're just that good together that they can finish each others unspoken thoughts. 

In order to find these answers, Charlie must dive into a place he has never gone before, and with little to no experience to back him up. 

I give this book 5/5

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