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Judgement of Souls by Margarita Felices

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Judgement of Souls

What is the book about? 

Rachel has a beautiful young face, but she's really a vampire who is centuries old with amazing strength and the ability to fly. She is in search of a book that holds the power to bring the first vampire back to life, the same book that her parents lost and were severely punished for. 

The book was stolen by a older rogue vampire named Max who Rachel used to love, but now she's more interested in killing him. 

Rachel hangs out at a local goth club in Cardiff Wales where she meets Daniel the club owner, the immediately have a special connection that is inexplainable, even to them. When Daniel finds out that Rachel is a vampire, he is set on finding and killing Max too. 

Max will stop at nothing until he gets the book, even if it means killing Daniel. Now Rachel is protecting Daniel, which just leads to her spending more and more time with Daniel, causing their love to grow. 

What did I think of the book?

Margarita writes an extremely fast paced story that is highly entertaining with her twist on the classic vampire tales. It's only 173 pages so there is a lot of information and detail in a short amount of text. I didn't mind this because Margarita is great at describing her characters and their surroundings making this a book you can really sink into and bond with the characters. 

This book could have been much longer if there were some additional information put into it, like the backstories of the characters. They were so great, I wanted to learn more about them, but this book looks like it's being set up to be a series, so maybe the next books will have more details. 

I give this book
Who else has read this book? Tell me what you thought of it!

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