Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Bulls by D.W. Boyd

What is the book about?

Two bulls is searching for John Piver, the man who raped his grand daughter, Feather. Once he finds John, he watches and studies him, making him edgy. Two bulls is overcome with guilt and shame as he attempts to kill John but finds himself unsuccessful.

John's wife, Mary are in a loveless marriage, but she is still curious as to why her husband is in danger from an Indian who is attacking in a very personal way. Mary demands that Two Bulls explain the truth behind the attack, and when she finds out she finally gets the nerve to leave John.

What did I think of the book?

You will find sympathy in every character except John. Mary and Elizabeth are just innocents, forced to waste their life with a selfish and stubborn man like John. Two Bulls is just a man in search of finding revenge against all that have mistreated his people in any way.

John is a character, that you will loathe and your rooting for all the people around him to escape his wrath.

I enjoyed reading this book, it had a lot of depth to each of the characters heads.
I give this book

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