Saturday, August 11, 2012

Swallow by Tonya Plank

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What is the book about?

Sophie Hegel suffers from something called Globus Sensate, or as Sophie calls it"fistball" or "fb." Globus Sensate is when a person may think something is stuck in their throat resulting in being unable to swallow, and in some extreme cases, unable to breathe. Sophie is an intern acting for criminal appeals and is somewhat respected in the community especially since her fiance Stephen is a hot shot lawyer with a great apartment and a very large income.

As she discusses her "fist-ball" with her psychiatrist she learns that it is not a physical problem but a self problem rooting from her relationships, specifically with her family.

What did I think of the book?

I thought this book would be more about overcoming a hard obstacle like Globus Sensate but instead it read more like a chick-lit book that went into the depths of her life and her background. This book isn't so much about her disorder but about how she dealt with it. Every chapter seemed to take me by surprise on how Sophie's life seemed to turn out. She is an extreme individual that I found to be quite likable and enjoyed following her throughout the book.

About the Author (from Amazon):

Tonya Plank worked as a criminal appeals attorney in New York City. A ballroom dancer and a longtime balletomane, she writes the popular dance blog, "Swan Lake Samba Girl." SWALLOW is her first novel. Praise for "Swan Lake Samba Girl" "Tonya Plank [is] one of New York's most precious assets." James Wolcott, VANITY FAIR blog. "Tonya Plank is one of the blogosphere's freshest, liveliest, least predictable, and most pleasing voices. Long may she samba!" Terry Teachout, author of ALL IN THE DANCES and POPS: A LIFE OF LOUIS ARMSTRONG.
I give this book

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