Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chased into Heaven

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I'm running with no destination in mind. My hair is bouncing right and left swishing along the nape of my neck giving me goosebumps. Every time my tennis shoe hits the ground it makes a small splash on the damp grass, and splashes when I find a hole causing water to soak my ankles. 

There's no where I can run to without him finding me, but I run as fast as my legs will take me. I will not give up. If I die, I will die fighting and right now my only chance is to run and run hard. 

My breathing is rapid and the cold air is making my throat feel raw. The spongey grass is yanked out from under my feet like a rug by my chaser. I fall into the center of the earth and for a moment I feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I don't see any white rabbits or talking door knobs but a sudden calmness has fallen upon me just like Alice. 

I'm falling and there's nothing I can do about it. I look down at the direction I'm falling and see a glowing ball of light. As I get closer to the blinding light I realize it's a overstuffed bed complete with glowing pillows and sheets that look as if they are literally made in heaven by angels.

I allow my body to go limp and collapse upon the heavenly sheets that wrap me up in their glow. I can see my pursuer above me falling down the same path I had just fallen from. His arms are outstretched in anticipation to grab me with full force once he has reached me. His face is stern and committed to the attack. He hits the outside glow of the bed and bounces off like the light is a barrier preventing him from entering the bubble of light. 

The man's power is just too much and his disintegrates the glow completely. He climbs on top of me and injects me with what I can only assume is a toxic concoction that I pray will mean a painless death. I can see the drug flowing into my veins causing them to become swollen and bright purple. It tickles my head as it reaches my brain. 

Instantly I feel the affects of the drugs and my skin begins to melt off my body soiling the gorgeous linens on the bed. I am more worried about the quality of the heavenly bed instead of the fact that my skin is melting off exposing the white of my bones and the meaty chunks of meat that are my muscles. 

My vision is going blurry as my eye balls start to disintegrate. My teeth are falling into the back of my throat as they become detached from my gums. I loose all of my five senses and I am alone with my thoughts. I know I am dying and I am accepting it. When initially injected I had hoped it would be painless but the sensation of your skin melting of your body is so excruciatingly painful that no combination of words could describe it. 

As the world has been closed off to my mind, I can now feel that my mind is going falling along with reality. My mind ceased to continue any additional thoughts and I slip into death. 

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