Friday, July 20, 2012

The Enchanted Time Traveller by Dr. Mal Mohanial

What is the book about?

A book of Self-Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind. This book will show you how to truly understand yourself and how to manipulate your mind to help you feel happier even when it seems like things aren't going well in your life. Dr. Mal Mohanlal goes over Insight, Habits, and your Ego so you can better understand each part of your mind and control each different part.

What did I think of the book?

How do more people not think like Dr. Mal Mohanial? This isn't written like a text book as some other tend to be, and it certainly isn't boring. I couldn't put it down. Everything that is written in this book makes complete sense with all of Mohanial's perfect comparisons to situations and things everyone can easily understand. I've been following the books train of thought and I feel a lot better during the day. I encourage my husband and anyone around me who will listen to me, about this book. It will change you.

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