Monday, July 9, 2012

Run Like Hell by Elena Andrews

Run Like Hell
by Elena Andrews 

Morgan gets 5 days of freedom while her parents are away. Morgan's Aunt Rory will be checking in on her but they both know that Rory is more like an older sibling and not a babysitter. While Morgan is on the way to the party of the year, she runs out of gas in the very car her parents only to use for emergencies. A stranger offers to help her but she refuses at first, remembering all that her parents taught her about talking to strangers. As he comes back a second time to offer her some assistance, she finally gives in after being on the side of the road with a dead cell phone for over an hour. Little does she know what really happens when you get in a car with a stranger.
An exciting novel that really captures how teenagers think in these situations. When something tragic happens in a situation that you shouldn't have been in to begin with makes you feel like it was your fault. Morgan is so concerned that her parents will be more furious at her for being irresponsible for taking the car, going to a party, not charging her cell phone, and mot importantly, getting in a car with a stranger. When her dog comes up missing is when she finally admits to herself and her best friend that maybe she can't fix this without dealing with the authorities and her parents.

This book made me think of myself and all the trouble I've gotten into in my teenage years. I was in a similar situation with Morgan where I thought that because I had turned into a victim in a place where I shouldn't have been, that somehow made it my fault. It's not. If you are a victim of a crime it doesn't matter that you were drinking underage, or asking a stranger for a ride, you are a victim none the less.

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  1. 365_books_a_yearThursday, July 12, 2012 at 1:20:00 PM EDT

    This actually sounds too scary for me. I hate when bad things happen to children, teens, animals in books. I've actually had to put books down with 50 pages to go because something like that crops up. It does sound like a good/exciting/different book though.


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