Sunday, July 15, 2012

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

What is the book about?

Leila is cursed with a dark power after being electrocuted years ago. It scarred her body and made her unable to touch anyone with her right hand. She has a terrifying ability to channel electricity into objects and people, as well as touch people and see their past, present, and future. She can see peoples most horrific acts and it has jaded her. Now she has been resorted to working with the traveling circus with other non-humans who can handle touching her.

When vampires get wind that she has these powers they use her to find Vlad Tepesh through objects he has touched. When she finds him in his present state, something happens that has never happened before, he could see her, talk and communicate with her. Vlad needs her to find out which vampires had kidnapped her, and Leila needs Vlad to come and rescue her from the kidnappers.

Vlad Tepesh is the greatest vampire in history. His name may sound like trying to sound like Dracula, but what people don't usually know, is that he is the original Vlad, but the books and myths don't always tell the truth.

Together they conquer the evil vampires and find love they never thought they could find.

What did I think of the book?

It's Jeaniene Frost's book, so therefore I love it. Its as simple as that. She is so amazing! Her books always revolve around violence, and amazing love stories.

Leila is now one of my favorite series, she is so strong despite all that she has gone through in her past, with her mom dying and her inability to touch others with her right hand. She couldn't even drive a car due to the currents that travel off her body.

Vlad comes in and their first encounter is to save her from the perverted group of vampires. From the beginning he was winning her over and making Leila fall for him hard. Since he's vampire, they make the perfect couple, as he is able to handle her electric touch. He supports her differences in buying her lightning poles and feeding her his blood.

So next to Cat and Bones, my next favorite couple is now Leila and Vlad. Sorry Mencheres and Kira, you are now in third place. I love all Jeaniene Frost's characters. This was a great book, which isn't surprising since they're all so amazing!
Everyone should read Frost's books. Start from the beginning. You must read them in the order they were written in. I have them listed here if you want to check it out. Or go to the top of my page and click the Reading Order/Reviews page and it'll be listed under Jeaniene Frost.
I give this book 

Once Burned (Night Prince, #1)
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