Thursday, July 26, 2012

Money makes the world go round

I've always worked very hard for my money, even if it meant working three or more jobs to support myself. When I say support myself, I mean enough money to pay rent, utilities, food and shopping. When I say shopping I mean at least one impulse buy a month, or going out with the girlfriends to the mall and having fun. 

I loved to shop for at least one new pair of shoes and purse per season. This kind of shopping that makes you feel good about yourself when you come home and try on your new clothes, while planning out this weeks attire to show off your goods.

My idea of a great weekend to spend my hard earned dough, is getting my hair and nails done. This kind of treat gives me the perfect kind of bounce in my step, keeping my head held high because I know I look as good as I can get myself. Plus, the few hours spent away from home in an exotic salon where you are pampered to the max is the most relaxing and luxurious treat, in my opinion anyways. 
After the salon, I would hit up a fancy coffee place and the movie theatre with someone I want to show off my new look to. 

I've also always gone through hard times, where it's better to spend money on necessities then luxury purchases. Not having enough money for food, or electricity, let alone handbags and salon trips. 

One thing I've never done is rely on someone who wasn't my parents to support me financially. It's different. What luxury purchases are made, are not my own. I do not choose what to spend money on and I feel I must keep my mouth shut on that. 

Wow, do you sound selfish. Woe is me, I can't get my hair done, I can't spend money at the mall. It's so much more than that. I haven't gone to the movies in over two years. I haven't bought clothes at least a year before my last movie theatre experience. I've been to ashamed to ask for razors to shave my legs, or that new lip gloss I've been eyeing at the drug store. 

I know, it sounds ridiculous that I need money to find some happiness in my life. Should I even feel this way? I mean don't all house wives, stay in the house and graciously accept that their husband brings home the bacon and you should be thankful and cook that bacon for your man. Your luxury purchases are what the man finds acceptable like treating you to dinner out or something like that. 

Ok, now you just sound old fashioned. I know every relationship is different in how the hold the finances but I am not sure what is acceptable for my situation. 

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