Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Choices by Martha Kennerson {Book Review}

Choices by Martha Kennerson

What is the book about?

Doesn't every girl dream of the perfect man she will eventually meet one day. Well, Kristine Alexander was one of those girls with the big dream and her best friend Linda is trying to set her up with her boyfriend, Davis' brother, Dennis. Kristine gets to know her new admirer through email and phone conversations but she wants to meet him. Kristine and Linda both make the trip to Los Angeles to see Davis and Dennis even though Kristine has no expectations of falling in love with Dennis. Of course she enjoys talking for hours on the phone with him but she just wasn't sure it was going to be anything special once they finally met in person. Dennis of course tells her right away that they could never end up falling in love because he was expected to fall in love with someone wealthy. Flying back home she encounters some horrible events that will change her outlook on life forever!

What did I think of the book?

A typical chick book with the Princess looking for her Prince. You don't expect the horrific experience that happens to Kristine and your outlook on her will change once you find out how she copes and deals with it. It was an amazing read that I will probably end up reading again in a few months. I was taken along such a crazy ride with this book I hope the author decides to write more about this character. 

I give this book 

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