Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time Shadows by Sharon Jordan

What is the book about? 

Jacqueline is an experimental psychologist who is having extremely vivid and terrifying dreams. The dreams are so real that she has a hard time knowing if it's her life that is real or Michelle, the girl's life she views in her dreams. Each night she slips into sleep only to live Michelle's life as if it were her own. She fears that Michelle's life will take over and she will never wake up again as Jacqueline and forever live a different life through someone else's eyes.

Jacqueline takes the advice of a co-worker and sees a psychic named Delphi. Delphi puts her under hypnosis to reveal the dreams Jacqueline is so concerned about. Michelle is a pregnant woman living in France during the Holocaust. She is taken by the SS on the way to tell her husband that she is expecting twins.

Jacqueline puts her trust in the psychic but is insistant that there is a scientific explanation for the dreams. She makes an appointment to see her family doctor in hopes to get to the root of the problem. Dr. Steinbeck has been her doctor for her whole life and trusts him but he seems to be showing a strange interest in her and her dreams. Does he think she's gone crazy or does he have ulterior motives?

It seems like everyone including her parents know something about these dreams that they just aren't telling her. As dreams become more violent after Michelle is taken by the SS and transferred from one horrible place to the next, the physical toll is showing on Jacqueline. It's almost as if they were connected as one person. As Michelle grows sick from harsh conditions, Jacqueline starts showing similar symptoms. How will Jacqueline find a way to survive through her own dreams?

What did I think? 
I couldn't put this book down starting the moment I picked it up. The twists and turns that this book takes was completely unpredictable. This book is the perfect grey area between fiction and non fiction. It had a lot of history and truth to the story from the Holocaust with just enough fantasy to really show off Sharon Jordan's creative side. I would love to interview Ms. Jordan to find out how this idea for this book came to her. What sort of research was done for this book? Is there any truth to Michelle's story?

It was very well written and I could feel the pain that Michelle experienced as if I too were living the horrible dream. I've always been interested in the Holocaust but reading factual books about the event always felt like History class but with Sharon Jordan's twist to the events it was an enjoyable, page turning read. I recommend everyone read this book!

I give this book 
5 hearts! 

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