Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Close your eyes. Think of a dark room. Your trapped in the middle. As you open your eyes it's so dark it feels as if they are still closed. You feel around for a familiar friend but all you can feel is the damp, cold dead bodies sprawled on the floor, all strangers. You feel a warm liquid trickle down your cheek. You can't figure out what it is. But alas it's only a simple tear. Or is it?

The silence of the room pierces your ear drums. You let out a high pitched scream to try to cure the insanity, until you realize there is no cure. Not a single medicine that can save you from the demons you fight every day in side. These aren't normal demons but only the kind who can hide in the black hole in your heart. You can feel your soul slowly exit your body and rise to the top of your room.

A single light flickers on and you look up to see your inner self pointing and laughing at you. The insanity pushes the limit. You drop to your knees and bury your face in your hands. Did the demons win? Indeed. They celebrate their victory as you fall to the floor and join the group of stranger.

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