Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cinder and Ella by Melissa Lemon

Cinder and Ella 
by Melissa Lemon
"If you drink water and breathe air, then you have heard the story of Cinderella. And, if you drink water and breathe air, you have heard it...wrong."

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This book was a super quick read for me. I was able to read in between chores, and watching Winnie the Pooh for the 100th time with my daughter Kate. She's 15 months old and one of her first words was "rella" as in Cind-er-"rella." I can see this being a great book that I can one day read to her when she gets a bit older. 
It's a very unique and twisted story that is no where close to being similar to the classic Cinderella story. I can't honestly say that I loved it. It was just another quick basic story. Interesting but I think it would be a better fit on my daughters book shelf for later reading then on Mama's bookshelf. 
So, if you like easy and to the point stories and you enjoy Fairy Tales, then this is a book for you. 

I give this book...
two hearts. 

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