Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Because Your Vampire Said So (Book 3) by Michele Bardsley

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Because Your Vampire Said So (Broken Heart Vampires, #3)
What is the book about? 
Patsy, forty-year-old single mom and hair stylist, is a vampire now. She has her hands full figuring out how to deal with her new lack of clients now that there are so few humans in Broken Heart, and with her rebellious sixteen-year-old son, Wilson. Wilson’s an emotional mess with a drug problem, not unlike his alcoholic father, and Patsy has no idea how to handle him.

Suddenly all of that seems so simple by comparison when she finds herself targeted by demons and ancient vampires, all of whom seem determined to kill her at any cost. But she has new allies on her side, a gorgeous rogue werewolf Gabriel, who seems to believe she’s his destined mate.

Everything takes a back seat when Wilson runs away, Patsy’s best friend Jessica goes missing, and Patsy’s powers go wild. Soon the entire town is literally exploding with all the power of a war between ancient supernaturals.

Patsy is haunted by the ghosts of chain-smoking Dottie and her own grandma (who died with one hand clutching the arm of a slot machine). When scared she’s more likely to sass back than whimper in fear. And when it comes to her son Wilson, she’s a mama bear ready to rip the head off of anyone who hurts him—sometimes even including him.

What did I think of the book?
My favorite character of the whole book is Patsy's chain smoking ghost grandma, Dottie. Only Patsy can see her, and she is hilarious, and not much help to the good that Patsy is trying to accomplish.

Bardsley has done it again, with yet another great read in the Broken Heart, OK series!

I give this book

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