Friday, May 1, 2009


Fullerton Train Station

It was our inside joke.
I love looking at this photo.
Where was he going? Where did he come from? I can stare at this photo and come up with a complete back story of who he was.

An important CEO of an advertising agency. Father of 3, one boy and two girls. He lacked spending time with them, due to his very busy schedule but always made up for it with expensive presents from all over the country, that he would obtain from all the travel he did. Expensive and unique toys for the children and, name brand shoes, clothes, perfumes, and jewelry for his barbie perfect wife. He preferred the train when traveling to local cities in Northern and Southern California. Otherwise, he would fly first class and sip on expensive bourbon during lay over's in airports.

His wife was the envy of all her friends. She was spoiled with gorgeous jewelry and couture clothing that she would wear whenever she went out, even those PTA meetings, where as other wives would show up in jeans. She loved him but only put up with his constant travel because the money he brought home took care of her and her children's needs she rarely complained. She would lead book groups where she would serve dessert and coffee in her immaculately clean home to all of her girlfriends. She was the leader of the PTA at her children's school, which meant bake sales where she would always have the best treats that all the kids loved. She drives a Mercedes SUV that she carpooled all the kids to their soccer games, and dance rehearsals. All the other mothers saw her as a perfect step-ford wife and were always trying to keep up with her. Little did they know how she would cry late at night in her empty bed, lacking a husband to cuddle up next to.

While he would lay in bed in five star hotels, feeling that same hollow and empty feeling of not being at home with his family that he loved so much. He missed his family and always considered leaving his job for something less demanding, but the money was great and he loved providing every need his family had. As he steps off the train today, and heads home to his wife, he decides to stop by a local flower shop and buys two dozen roses. When he walks through the door, the children pounce on him with hugs and kisses. His wife, with her hair thrown up into a messy bun, exhausted by her days events still has energy to make love to her husband. In the end they are complete once again.

These are the silly thoughts I think of when I take my pictures. I would love to improve on my writing. I always have such difficulty with placing my comma's in the right places. My adjectives aren't that great. I just try to portray image I have in my head.

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