Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Circle Has No Ends by Tony Anderson {Book Review}

A triad known as the Sung Society and a British trading family are fighting for the wealth and power in Shanghai. As you read chapter after chapter you'll flip between the different viewpoints of a variety of different characters. All the characters are somehow related to one another causing them to be brought together into this story. 

Each chapter and character are unalike any other character and chapter, giving this book something for everyone to read. Everyone is trying to accomplish their goal regardless of how it affects others, only you as the reader can see how even the smallest of actions can cause a pyramid of problems. 

Pre World War II Shanghai is a prosperous city that is brought to life by Tony Henderson, who divulges the underside to the city with it's racial tendencies and drug.  I've never been that interested in Shanghai during this time period, but after reading this book I am super anxious to learn more, and then re-read A Circle Has No Ends. 

This book was exciting and entertaining that is well written in a very structured manner which made this an easy and uncomplicated read. The dialect and time period stays true throughout the whole book making this a believable read concerning the era.

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