Saturday, November 8, 2014

Unrequited by Truth Devour {Review}

Book #2

This is the sequel to the book Wantin by Truth Devour. I recommend reading Wantin first, since Unrequited won't make much sense otherwise. I immediately started reading book two, as soon as I put down book one. Wantin filled me with questions that I hoped would be answered by reading Unrequited. Wantin was about her troubles in her everyday life, as well as her love life, while this book is more about how she is becoming her own person and is building up her character while she searches for love.

Talia is a unique character due to her childhood and the occurrences that happen in the first book in the series. I won't spoil that book by giving too much information away, but she experiences pain that can only be understood by those who have gone through what she has.

Talia goes on a journey that most can never achieve in a life time. She is passionate about freedom and other values, and proves them while she goes through her adventures abroad. She's wealthy, and spreads her wealth with others.

After going through book one, you realize she's been on a road to self discovery for a while, and is just now coming to find herself. She uses the pain and joy she's experienced to help others, and proves her loyalty to her causes time and time again. She uses her knowledge to aid the people she comes into contact with. She may lose hope here and there, but in the end she's a strong woman worthy of the man she seeks out.

There is a theme with some voodoo magic, which is started in Wantin, and continues on through this book. Her nanny from her childhood has put a protection spell on her, and it changes the way she lives her life.

Just as the first book was, this book ended leaving me craving more, and I found myself excited to start the next book in the series. I recommend this book to anyone who's read Wantin by Truth Devour.

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