Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rebirth by Debbie Brown {Review}

I've read a lot of books with aliens in it, and this one was one of the better ones I've read. A group of children are fashioning a group together to form a team that can stick together and get through the end of the world, as it crumbles around them.

The children part, forming a group, made me think of the Boxcar Children series, which of course as a child, I've read every one. The only difference is that this group of children didn't even attempt to find someone who could help them, the immediately started looking for things to help them survive.

Each person in the group has something different to offer towards the survival of their group. One of the members is even well educated in home remedies, taught to him by his father who was a doctor. He seems to know everything, almost too much for the age of the members in the group. He seems like a know it all and it seems convenient for the author to have him be so smart, but it took away from the drama and issues that could have happened without him knowing and preventing issues.

The seemed to almost have too much knowledge, and some of the things that they knew weren't explained by the author, which seemed impossible on the kids part, and a little unprofessional on the writing from the author.

The book was fast paced enough to keep my attention, and finish the book in a timely manner. I did have a problem with the facts and information that kept changing as the book went on. Everything was inconsistent and it seemed like the author forgot what she had written beforehand and was just kind of writing to write with no intention of keeping things running smoothly based off of what was written previously.

I was really disappointed with the ending as it was unoriginal and kind of young for the type of book I imagined this being written for. Overall I did enjoy a good portion of the book, not all of it, but enough to rate this at a 3/5.

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