Monday, September 8, 2014

Plague of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy {Book Review}

The Descended

First off let me say this book is fairly long and will offend some, if not most Christians. Nyx, a fallen angel, and queen of Hell is spending her days torturing souls and dwelling on the "word of God." This is just the beginning of a story of amazing detail with strange creatures and unimaginable wars between Hell, Heaven, and those on Earth.

It's fast paced, so it's easy to miss key information. I recommend reading over each paragraph thoroughly and keeping up with each issue as they arise. There is so much substance to this book, I could not possibly hit every one to give you a complete understanding of what this book is about, you will have to open it up and see for yourself.

I can say its imaginative with battles that do not just portray white and black areas, revealing all the grey areas in-between. It's elaborate, and the characters are described to a sense of believable nature. Of course, the cover immediately drew me in, and had me compelled to begin this book.

I would rate this book at a 5/5.

Plague of Angels (The Descended, #1)
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