Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Buy Any Business by Sterling Cooper {Book Review}

It's a step-by-step-guid to buying a business for yourself or with a business partner or co-worker. It doesn't matter what size business you are talking about, this book can guide you through the process it takes to buying and acquiring any new business. It's straight forward and to the point, without deviating into anything other than necessary information.

Although not a lot of this information changes over time, the information seemed a bit outdated. There are a lot of great forms and checklists that can be beneficial to anyone following this book exactly.

There were multiple spelling and grammar issues, that really distracts from the content of the book, and makes me question the validity of the information contained. The overuse of exclamation marks was annoying and broke up the flow of reading.The cover is engaging and matches well to the contents of the book. I'd rate this book a 3/5.

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How To Buy Any Business How To Do It, Step By Step: Become A Millionaire In 365 Days

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