Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Turbulent Waters by Peter Duysings {Book Review}

Although the author indicates that the book is based on true events, it was surprising to me to not see any acknowledgements considering the various sub-plots, or smaller stories within the main story.

Not to give too much of the book away, the book weaves together the operations of merchant ship, pirates from the horn of Africa, the politicking that goes on in Washington along with a good deal dedicated to the US Military and how the soldiers and sailors operate.

The author integrates the various sub-plots fairly well thereby providing a good deal of excitement.

The author weaves in and out of the stories so that the reader never becomes bored or tires of a particular story-line. It gives the reader much to look forward to as they make their way into the book. This also makes the reader anxious at every turn of the page.

Right up to the action-packed conclusion, the story grows and grows as does the readers excitement and interest.

I did not find any spelling or grammar errors, which made the flow of reading quite easy. The book cover matches perfectly on the content inside, and is intriguing enough for a reader to pick it up with curiosity.

The reader will not be disappointed and the book is deserving of a 5-star rating.

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Turbulent Waters

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