Thursday, January 16, 2014

Amen to Rot by Bryce Bentley Summers {Review}

The world was changing into something no one could have ever foreseen. People were dying, only to raise up once again, changed into something horrible. Everyone was in a panic, stricken by terror.

A man awakens inside a tomb, struck with memories of before. Who is he? Where is he? Following the sweet scent of meat, he sets of with determination to feed. Realizing, his limbs have been transformed, he is even more concerned about himself and his surroundings.

Children screaming, soldiers shouting into their radios, jumbled thoughts and memories that are not his own. This is what is being perceived as he awakens from a dead sleep.

This is the type of book that can cause different people to imagine different scenarios from the same book. One person may think the author means one things, while another reader views it completely different. How you decipher it is all the fun.

There were no grammar or spelling errors that I came across. The cover was so intense and scary, I was definitely curious as to where the person on the front came from and what was his story. Read this short story, and perceive it in your own way. I give it 5/5.

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