Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Secret Burden by Michelle Bybel {Review}

Letting Go of the Shame, Anger, and Guilt of Emotional Eating

When I first picked up this book, I was unsure on what to think about this book. I figured it was a book that would be explaining why we carry the emotional burden of emotional eating, basically what is in the title. I was quite surprised to find out how many different types of emotional eating are out there, affecting so many people out there.

This book wasn't all about finding the root to your emotional eating, like your parents divorce caused you to start emotionally eating, but rather on how to fix yourself from here.

Especially in today's economy with money being a concern on everyone's mind, more and more people are relying on food to make them feel better. Not to mention those who don't feel confident in themselves, will eat to cope with it. 

Included in the book are work sheets and exercises that you, as the reader can really find useful and helpful. What makes this book so personal, is the commentary that is included from the author on her own personal experiences, and her reasons behind every explanation and theory. 

I personally don't have a problem with emotional eating, but as a parent, I wanted to educate myself on the topic, just in case my children start to behave in such ways. 

I found this book to be very educational and enlightening. I finished the book and learned a lot along the way. I rate this book 5/5 all the way. 
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Letting Go of the Shame, Anger, and Guilt of Emotional Eating

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