Wednesday, December 4, 2013

White Christmas by Ros Baxter {Review}

Avenger 12 has crashed in snowy terrain leaving Tabi stranded, awaiting help that will come within two hours. She is told to maintain her position and not move. She disobeys orders as she attempts to save a man who has also gone down in his ship. She almost instantly regrets saving him for he the man that once broke her heart over ten years ago. Asha tries to explain that she doesn't know the whole story and he opens up to her and explains why he broke her heart so many years ago.

There they find themselves surrounded by creatures that could possibly end it all for both of them. Asha has learned a secret technique to keeping the creatures away. Fortunately it's going to be very easy for both of them to accomplish. Keeping the creatures away will bring them closer than ever.
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White Christmas

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