Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Girl Who Put Out The Fire by D.K. Janotta {Review}

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The Girl Who Put Out The Fire
Kari Erntemann is a very mysterious person who will have you hooked on her story. As a strong and one of kind type woman she does not let a little break-up with the love of her life Jerry, get her down. Eventually as she sets out to do research on her story she finds Jerry, who is a reporter and is involved with her on this case. There are quite a few romantic scenes that spice this book up quite a bit. 

There's adventure when Jerry and Kari have to follow the trail of the early twenty first century and the dot come bubble. Leo Foxe is a man who is determined to tell of his fathers infidelities to his mother, hoping to gain the business his father build from the ground. 

There's a hot story associated with Leo Foxe and Jerry and Kari must figure out what that is which adds suspense, thrill and mystery. Right at her side is Aton von Flamberge, the man Kari was assigned to mentor.  

Things start to backfire and the result is the lives of many. Read this book to find out  just how Kari can track down the slippery murderer on the loose, who might just be after her next. 

The only difficult part about this book is the European writing style, which I am just not accustomed to, but this does not make this a negative comment towards the book. I still rate this book a 5/5. 

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