Sunday, November 24, 2013

The End of the Road by Roan Poulter {Review}

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The End of the Road

Anne, who is a writer who lives to write, something she is very passionate about. Unfortunately she can't seem to be accepted, all she seems to get is rejection. Not taking it seriously, she writes an erotica just to see if maybe she had a talent for it. She's finally accepted, but at what cost?

She's just trying to figure out how her life ended up as it is, and what she can do to deal with life. This includes reuniting with her teenage son Jordan. So while having to deal with her past, she has a son now in her life again. She just wants to be the mother she once was.

Anne is very relatable character, that I quickly became attached to. I enjoyed reading how she handles the criticism and the perception she gives off to strangers. Not only that, she's also funny, and had me chuckling out loud at some of her thoughts. On the other hand, there were moments where things were much more serious. There's a good combination of both humor and drama.

I could really feel Anne's emotions, as if they were my own. She has so many ups and downs, you can't help but jump on this roller coaster of emotions.

Roan Poulter has a writing style that really opens Anne's life up, letting the reader see everything she experiences. I was surprised to find that this book is written by a man, since he seems to understand woman and how they think or behave, amazingly. He has a sense of humor that I really found funny and enjoyable to read.

I greatly enjoyed reading this book. It had all the right emotions all wrapped up in a intriguing plot. I would rate this book a 5/5.

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