Friday, November 22, 2013

All I Know by Ashly Lorenzana {Review}

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All I Know

This is a very short book, consisting of only about 15 pages which are full of quotes and what appears to be, ideas and thoughts. I'm not sure what the authors intentions were with the layout of the book, since it's just a jumble of quotes and thoughts. They're each random and do not seem to have any relation to one another.

I did find some of the quotes to be very enlightening and relatable, but other than that I feel indifferent towards this book. It's neither great, nor bad. I would still rate this book at a 4/5 but I think the price of the book is a little high. It's a great book for those of you who are looking for some thought provoking quotes, I know some of them really got me thinking.

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