Sunday, November 10, 2013

Journeys with the Caterpillar by Shivaji Das {Book Review}

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Journeys with the caterpillar: Travelling through the islands of Flores and Sumba, Indonesia

Opening this book will transport you through Indonesia, described so vividly, you'll think you're really there. This book is written like a personal diary from the perspective of a positive thinking author who really knows how to make use of his words. It's very intimate, and I felt like I was really getting to know the author on a personal level. He has a real sense of a humor that was entertaining to read.

In addition, I found myself learning a lot about Indonesia including culture, climate, architecture, and the interactions between people living there. I was really glad I was taken along on this adventure, and take a break from my own life and be engulfed in Shivaji's and Lobo's world.

Everything was written so vibrantly and clearly I really felt I was there. The descriptions went above and beyond. I didn't regret picking this book up, I highly recommend, and give this book a rating of 5/5.

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