Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Personification of Vengeance by S.L. Teller {Book Review}

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The Personification of Vengeance

Characters were very easy to relate to and understand and identify with. There was suffering, torment, exhilaration, and bits and pieces of humor, which were all thrown together to create this one of a kind book. I would categorize this book as fantasy adventure and action. The book is written in third person, with an occasional viewpoint from Cervantes, the protagonist.

There is a great amount of magic and odd technology that created an interesting image of what their world must look like. It must be an odd world because theres a combination of magic, current technology like televisions and trains, but the characters use swords, bows and arrows as if it were a different time period. Not to mention the castles with queens and kings as if this book took place in a much different time period. The combination of current technology, and past technology was a bit confusing, but like I said it added an interesting image.

Paced fast enough to keep my interest but not too fast to the point of not understanding, or not being able to keep up. The author understands sociology and how humans interact with one another so his writing about how the characters speak and act around one another is very realistic.

One thing I found very distracting, was the large amount of spelling and grammatical errors. These things really distract the reader from flowing through the book easily. I don't like to stop and try to decipher what the author is really trying to say. Even with the spelling errors and confusing grammatical problems, I would still rate this book a 4/5.

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