Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Counterpoint by Daniel Rafferty {Book Review}

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Counterpoint is a dystopian or apocalyptic escapade that took me by surprise. Angels are battling the demons of hell in order to save the lives of mankind. Jump on this fast paced book that will start from the moment you open the book, and won't stop until the very end.

There are some moments where the excitement slows down and the angels share witty and brilliant dialogue while they debate whether or not God will ever come back to the aid of the angels since his disappearance. This book seems awfully realistic, but it seemed like it would have more of a fantasy feel to it. I would almost believe this to be a piece of non-fiction

This book combines a great mix of philosophy and religion into a twist of a thriller. It really opened my eyes to the evil that is all around us in our present day society. Each character has their own individual personality that is unique and intriguing. They are all well developed and they each have their own special quirks that make them that much more intriguing and exciting.

I did find quite a bit of spelling errors and grammatical issues that were a bit distracting from the read. Don't skip paragraphs or skim through this book, you will miss something as each paragraph contains something interesting and important to the plot of the story.

I really hope there is a follow up book to this one, as it ended in a way that had me wanting the story to continue. I thought this book is definitely a 5/5 book that I would recommend to many of my book lovers out there.

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