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Destiny Calls by Connor Gray {Book Review}

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Destiny Calls

The story all begins with Noodles and Kyle meeting up the day Kyle got out of prison in Buenos Aires, Argentina for attempting to move twelve kilos of drugs out of the country. Noodles gets him back in contact with his ex Jessica, which is mistake number one. She was one hell of a girlfriend, something you never forget, but not in a happy way. 

When he meets up with her the next day, he learns of some life altering information that changes everything. Besides being a mother now, she's also addicted to coke and going no where with her life. And to top it all of she owe's a drug dealer a large amount of money. 

Kyle tries to be a nice guy and help her out, but it seems he only screws himself with every new move he makes. That is until he meets up with Marcello, a mobster who can control basically everything including the police. That's when the situation is taken control by Kyle and Marcello's gang of hit men. 

It all ends with Kyle's life being changed in a way he never saw coming. Maybe it was for the best, he needed responsibilities and someone to have someone there that relies on him to keep his shit together. 

Wow, what a adventure you'll be taken on when you read of Kyle's story. The pain, the gore, the frustration this man felt was overwhelming for me, which only caused me to read this book, four hours, deep into the night. I had to find out what was going to happen with Kyle and how everything was going to play out around him. What did Jessica need to tell him so bad? Why does trouble follow him, and he's only been out of prison for one day. 

The author really knows how to put a story together. I especially enjoyed all the gore and violence, which is clearly written by a man. If I have one complaint it would be the overuse of all the slang words. I understand that we're talking about gangster's here, but the misspelled slang words were distracting. At least they were consistent though, they all talked exactly how I imagined Mexican gangsters to talk. I give this book 5/5. 

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