Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baby Daddy by Emma Clark {Book Review}

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Beth is almost invisible to her husband, Joe, and when he does notice her, he belittle's her and tries to control her every move. There's something steamy going on between her Austin, Joe's son from another marriage. It was not all lust, some of it was her desire to be with a younger man.

Beth is holding in a secret that she's dying to get out, and once she does, she doesn't get he reaction she wanted. It involves coming clean, and hurting Joe in the process. Admitting the truth to herself was hard enough, how can she admit it to anyone else.

Things take a turn for the worse when she's caught red handed. At least now she doesn't have to come clean, it's been done for her. Things explode in her face, and her life is changed forever.

This is your typical erotic novel with a very deceiving plot. Which makes for great entertainment, even though it is a little like a typical soap opera. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and look forward to the next part. I would rate this book as a 3/5.

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