Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mofongo by Cecilia Samartin {Book Review}

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This is an extremely touching story about a young boy Sebastian, his grandmother, and their captivating relationship. Sebastian has a condition that prevents him from accomplishing his goals of becoming a runner and a soccer player.  He's bullied at school, and overly protected by his mother. His only escape is with Abuela Lola, his grandmother.

Lola has given up her cooking, including her cooking supplies as she prepares for death. When Sebastian finds his grandmother on the floor of her kitchen, they stop waiting for death and decide to live their life to the fullest while they still can.

Together they share stories, family history, life lessons, and cooking. Abuela is from Puerto Rico where their culture is full of amazing recipes. Now that she's living life to the fullest, she's started back in the kitchen. Mofongo is a dish made of fried plantains, hence the title. Families gather together to prepare the meal, as well as enjoy their labor while eating. In the back of the book, there are even some great recipes that I want to try.

There were tears, and there was laughter and I enjoyed every moment of it. Almost every emotional situation that Cecilia writes, can be related to your own personal life. This makes it very easy to relate to the story along with the characters. You can feel their emotions much easier and much more powerful.

It's an easy to read book that I believe everyone will enjoy. Samartin really knows how to tell a heartwarming story that will stick with you even after you finish the book.

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