Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seven Point Eight by Marie Harbon {Book Review}

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Seven Point Eight is a great science fiction book about mind control. It's written in first person narration with a combination of journal entries and current time narrative. The author takes you to many different time periods with a variety of characters in each one.

This isn't a book for you if you want a book to read to take your mind off of things. You need complete attention and focus to comprehend everything. If you skip ahead you'll be confused since you travel from one place to another so quickly.

The first characters you are introduced to are Ava and her sister. Both Ava and her sister see things differently, some might even call them hallucinations. Later you're introduced to Ava's cousin, Sam who see's dead people.

Then suddenly you will be taken back in time. You meet Max, Tahra, and Paul who are involved in a project, that studies their consciousness projecting to another area of the world.

Max is a womanizer who you would never expect to be monogamous in a relationship. He gets around with many different woman, sometimes just because Tahra won't give it up to him. He even goes to the extent of asking her hand in marriage, but she still refuses. Tahra is also pursued by Max, who is twenty years older than her, but treats her better. Another complication to being with Max, is he's already in a relationship with someone else.

It sure does seem like the author went through a lot of research to be able to write a book about space and science. It's amazing how she integrates both into a series of novels. Reading through you'll find she invokes you to question deeper meanings to life. I do have to admit, I didn't need as many lectures in science and physics. What I didn't know, I ended up looking up. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing since it took my attention away from reading the book.

Ms. Harbon has a way with words that puts all your questions into words that can be vocalized and understood. You can understand her perfectly and she clearly has a great talent for writing science fiction novels. She definitely makes me crave more from this story line and I cannot wait until I start the next book.

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