Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Promise Cove by Vickie Mckeehan {Book Review}

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Mckeehan has written a novel that really seizes the spirit of romance. It takes place in such current times, that it is easy to relate to see the characters as your own peers. It is a great book about love lost and found. It's about pain and overcoming that pain. There's down moments but everything seems to turn around for each character.

The characters are greatly developed, especially Jordan, being portrayed as such a strong woman. I always enjoy reading about strong woman because it seems it makes me want to be as strong as her. Someone who always keeps their head up and does what needs to be done without complaints, is a strong woman to me. Nick was also a great character, being a real man who has a big heart. Despite all the suffering he has been put through overseas in Iraq. He is a man every woman is seeking out to find.

I enjoyed the way Vickie Mckeehan wrote the book in perspectives from each character individually. It was easier to get to know each character, and get inside their head when you saw everyone's point of view and not just one specific character. Great choice for a book like this.

This isn't normally the type of books I read, but I really did enjoy this particular book. It had so much more than just mushy romance, that I hardly saw it as one while reading it. Plus, I got so caught up in the characters, I could care less about the romance and mush, the parts I usually don't go for when picking out a book. Overall I rate this book a great 5/5.

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