Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Watchman by Matt Langford {Book Review}

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Adam is a young adult, at age 16, who has learning disabilities that cause him to not understand what people are telling him. He also cannot express his own needs, or feelings. This causes great turmoil within Adam and he struggles inside on how to handle himself. As his younger siblings pass him up in learning and growing up, he becomes more and more distant with each of them. Even his parents are having a rough time figuring Adam out. To help him learn, he is sent to a school and becomes quite close with his instructor.

As this book was written in Adam's point of view, I found it was great to see through the distorted world Adam views every single day. With the disabilities that Adam has, it can be hard to view the world correctly as it really is, causing him to feel fearful and frustrated, which in turns leads to lashing out.

Langford really does a great job at showing us the dynamics of Adam's family life. You can tell Langford either did great amount of research on learning disabilities or he has experienced it first hand, which makes this even more heart warming. For someone to go to the extent of writing such a beautiful book based on a disability that most do not understand, is truly remarkable.

This would be a great book for someone who is experiencing learning disabilities. It shows that there is hope no matter what your problems are, you can work at them and make yourself stronger.

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