Monday, June 24, 2013

Stairway2 Heaven by Chaz Thompson {Book Review}

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What would you do if you had a chance at a new life? What would you pay for an opportunity like that? 

This book can only be described as a dystopian, science fiction, and it takes place in the future that reveals the dark and dirty side of a big corporate greed scheme. Earthquakes have destroyed parts of Los Angeles. Corporations have psychics run interviews and technology is uncontrolled.  

Follow along from Matthias Chalmers point a view as a retired psychic who is still picking himself up from an experiment gone bizarre. His twenty-nine year old son who has Aspergers Syndrome with a genius IQ accidentally removes his soul from his body while creating a new toothpaste, of all things. 

The scientist's father must track down the formula before it gets into any additional hands and people start losing their souls forever. 

I guarantee this book will make you think more about the "what if's?" and "whys?" you have in life. It's a pensive idea of showing the separation between body and soul. What happens to your soul when you pass on was one question I could not get out of my head. I greatly enjoy books that leave you thinking long after you've finished the book. 

If you are a skeptic about the big business and pharmaceutical companies are directly linked to our daily lives, this is a great theory to read of such topics. After all, it is the biggest growing industry currently out there. 

There is a strange mixture of future situations mixed with current real life issues from today, combined with acton and strange senses of emotions, I'm sure you'll find come up during this read. I know when I read through his descriptions of the future, I was immedietly thrown into that time period and could completely view the world as he describes it. 

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