Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morality for Atheists by M Adams {Book Review}


Morality For Atheists: Reasons Not To Go On A Rampage
Reasons Not to go on a Rampage 

Forever we have believed that there is an invisible man living in the sky who can see everything you do and he has ten rules that he believes everyone should abide by. If you do not do these ten things, you will surely burn in a hell that is described as having fire, smoke, burning and torturing. 

But there are just some of us that do not believe in any of this, and those people are called atheists   They are the most hated group of in the United States, but why? That's what this book briefly discusses. This isn't a book to try and convert anyone, but simply educate you on other peoples point of view on religion. Take it for what it is, and just that. 

This book will take you through some of the basic definitions of atheists and show that they aren't as bad as some might think. They're actually pretty decent people. Lean about the negative and positive aspects to the concept of atheism  If you walk away with anything, walk away with the information on how to be a better person, which is covered more towards the end of the book. 

In every religion, atheism is frowned upon, so you'll learn about why each religion feels this way and get a sneak peak into what very religious people have to say on the topic. 

I found this book to be quite educational. Even though I am not an atheist myself, I respect anyone's beliefs and was actually quite fascinated in the concept. I learned a lot about a topic I thought I knew so much about. It's a fairly short book, so you should be able to read it fairly quickly and absorb quite a bit of information. I give this book a 4/5. 

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