Friday, May 31, 2013

Dogging by Abby Gold {Book Review}

The Inside Story Of Outdoor Sex

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"A continuum with fun at one end and horror at the other."Psychiatrist speaking about dogging on a radio station

What is the book about?

Not many have attempted to write a book about dogging, except for Abby Gold. After reading Yes, Master! by Ms. Gold I was not surprised that she had also written a book about outdoor sex as well. Abby says if you concentrate on the positive, and the excitement of it all, this will become an erotic novel. She explains how it's somewhere in between soft porn and hardcore, since she has difficulty restraining herself from making her writing as hard as it can be.

This book also contains the frustration, confusion and disappointment that go along with sexual encounters. She says on page eight, " won't fit nearly into any particular category. Too deep and negative for a titillating sex book, too blatant and explicit for the mainstream." I found this to be a great explanation of what kind of book this is.

Some of this book contains actual events from Ms. Gold's life, while other may just be fantasy or ideas that came from her mind, all characters are fictional.

What did I think of the book?

First off, I want to say how great it is that Abby Gold is writing such provocative and controversial books in hopes that it will open the eyes to extreme sexual activities, of those who are a little less liberal. I've recently read some of Abby Gold's other writing, and found this just as entertaining and exciting. I am amazed at how much Abby Gold opens up to her readers for entertainment purposes. Not many can tell their best friends, what she tells anyone who is willing to read her book.

It's a very unique book since dogging is not something most people have heard of. Which makes this even more exciting of a book, knowing there's nothing else quite like it. You may not like this book or even the author because of her titles and topics written about but I think everyone can benefit from her books. It'll open yourself to sexual activities you may not have even known about, but are curious to learn. Open your mind and read her books, you might learn something about yourself that you never knew before.

I gladly give this book, and any other books written by Abby Gold a 5/5 just for her topics and her extreme difference compared to other books.

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