Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In the Company of Monsters by Chris Kohout {Book Review}

What if the person you trusted the most suddenly became a stranger, who desperately wanted you dead? And if an hour later, they were back to normal? 

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In The Company Of Monsters

The story starts off in Brazil bouncing back and forth between and elderly man who works a taco stand, and a lost dog. The dog has been bitten by a bat and ends up falling asleep in a shipping container, ending in his demise on his way to the United States. 

We are introduced to Jack, who is an alcoholic cop who is completely burnt out with nothing more to live for. He's very interested in making a name for himself and being on the force with a reputation that fits him. So when he gets information that there's a cop killer who's making a pickup at the docks, Jack sets his sight on him and makes it his personal goal to capture him. 

A virus has made it's way onto a shipping container from Brazil which results in the quarantine of all the SWAT members and police officers who were on the scene. Anyone who comes in contact with the virus can end up as a raging psychopath, trying to kill everyone around them. Confined together, no one knows if the virus will attack them next, or if they will be attacked by someone already contaminated by the virus. I think the containment of everyone together was the most interesting part of the book. You'll get to see how the virus affects everyone and how together everyone interacts and copes with their horrible situation. 

From the beginning I was interested in how this book was going to play out, so I was quite engrossed in reading it from start to end. Which wasn't hard since it's a fairly short book and a quick read. The characters were well developed but a bit typical and predictable. All together it was an enjoyable read that is worthy of 4/5 stars. 

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