Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas {Book Review}

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The Kashmir Shawl

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This is a story of a grandmother and a granddaughter who travel the same roads, but in different time period. Mair finds a shawl made of kashmir, and a lock of hair, in her fathers belongings after he passes away. Curiosity grabs a hold of Mair causing her search back to where it came from. She knows that her grandparents were Welsh missionaries in India before and during World War II, so she packs up and sets out for India. 

The beginning of this book is a bit misguided. I am not sure what the author wants me to think, since there was an abundance of descriptive words. Eventually the author changed the writing style and I found it flowed much easier. 

The book begins to move back and forth between Mair and her grandmother, Nerys. Nerys experiencing and living the life as a privileged wife in the British Raj. Once the author starts writing about India, you are taken on a ride that will overwhelm all five senses. Each descriptive word helps you to understand how everything must have smelled, tasted, sounded, and felt like. 

It wasn't until the author made the connection between grandmother and granddaughter, that I found myself completely interested in the book. Up until this point, I didn't dislike or like the book, I was basically neutral about it. 

I loved how the author was able to interweave the stories to all come together almost as one. There was a great sense of adventure and romance in both lives of Nerys and Mair. Overall I would give this book a 4/5. I neglected one point for the confusion and jumble in the beginning of the book that originally made it hard to get into the book. 

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