Saturday, March 9, 2013

Salvage the Barren Land by Tom Douglas {Book Review}

Anne, an investment banker who has just lost her father to the tragedy that occurred at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 has also lost her computer containing everything she needs for work.

She spent years denying to everyone that her father meant anything to her. But now that he is dead she feels a different feeling towards him. See, he too worked at the bank as a very powerful and brilliant scientist. His job was remarkable to have science and finance working together so well. 

His work consisted of gathering information around the region regarding everything and anything having to do with public health, environmental history, nutrition, sanitation, birth rates, mortality rates, deformities, genetics, common illness, medical services, pretty much anything that could explain why some people are more resistant than others.

After his passing, the bank cannot afford to lose her fathers work with such influential people who he had a personal relationship with. Her fathers main concern about his work was that he wanted it to continue after his death. 

Now, Anne is being asked to step in and replace him. 

Being her fathers daughter, it is to be believed that his work will be preserved to the best of Anne's ability, assuming she chooses to take over her fathers work. She is being asked to keep secrets that are so old it shines a new light on her father's work when he first began in World War II. 

Let the negative roll off of you. Stay Positive. Close the sale.

As I opened this book, the first thing I was disappointed with was the layout. There were many paragraph breaks, even in the middle of a sentence. This made it extremely hard to get through the book, I was more focused on the breaks that I didn't grasp as much of the story as I had wanted to, which made me re-read pages to understand everything in it's clearest. 

I did not know much about investment banking, which made it somewhat difficult to read about Anne's work life. I did learn a few pieces of information, from some basic research, about Anne's job as I read along the way. For all investment bankers, I would recommend this book for the similar lifestyles you might have with Anne.   

I give this book 3/5 leaving two marks behind for the layout and set up.  

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