Sunday, February 24, 2013

Raven by J.M. Erickson {Book Review}

This is the second book in the Birds of Flight series which I find to be resembling the plot in Bourne movies. Except in this series the characters name is Alex Burns. I read the first book, Albatross, before I began this book which I found to make things much clearer. I wouldn't recommend reading them out of order. 

In the first book, Alex is an ex secret agent on the run from the very agency that employed him before the accident, that gave him amnesia causing him to not remember any of the classified secrets he is thought to have. 

Erickson doesn't waste any time on getting straight to the action in this book. There's multiple action scenes in just the first few chapters. I found that I was instantly grabbed into this book which held my attention all through the book. 

Samantha, Alex's partner and the love of his life, is sent on a mission that ends in a devastating way that Alex just can't handle. Revenge is in his sight and he wont stop until he feels he has found justice to those who changed his life. 

Just as I recommended on the first book, if you enjoy a spy/thriller fiction novel, you'll enjoy reading Raven: Birds of Flight. 

The only complaint I have about the book is, Alex seemed extremely hard to kill. It seems he is invincible and the agency is in complete awe over it. He almost seems like a super hero, and the agency is curious to why and how he became this way. 

I joyfully give this book 4/5 

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