Friday, February 8, 2013

Lies, Love & Porn by Humphry Kinipe {Book Review}

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This grocery bag girl has been introduced into the world of the porn industry. Always thinking she was weird, PC avoided sex, that was until she met Damon. He reveals a world PC didn't know existed, but yet she fits in so well. Instantly she's transformed into PC Screamer and is making the money she always dreamed of making. 

By the time she has had every plastic surgery available to keep her young appearance. No matter how much she tries to stop the process of aging, theres only so much she can do before she loses her appeal to the younger strippers and porn stars. 

After being in the porn industry for so long, PC feels her she has very few options in other careers. Until one day, when Blue walks into the club. PC feels she can take this young moldable girl and live vicariously through her. 

PC and Blue start a friendship that was originally built on trust, but Blue holds a secret that could jeopardize the lives of many. 

A well written, x-rated, drama that touches a subject not commonly written about, Porn. This isn't a book for everyone, but for those of you that are interested in the topic, I'm sure will find this to be pleasant read just as I did. 

If there's anything to take away from this book, it's insight on how the porn industry runs and the people who make the productions possible. 

You just can't help but loving PC, she knows who she is, and embraces it to the fullest. She's an amazingly strong and independent woman who I greatly enjoyed reading about her and the other characters. I give this book 4.5/5

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