Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bear Cat by Raland J. Patterson {Book Review}

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Most Vietnam books I have read have been in the same style that Bear Cat was written in. It portrays more of the soldier than it does the war, which I find to be most ideal when reading about this war in particular. If I wanted the blood and gore that that is commonly used when portraying Vietnam, I would just watch a war movie. 

It's much easier to sympathize and relate with Captain McKay since you seem to have gotten to know him on a much more personal level while reading his story. 

McKay is the new maintenance officer in charge of repairing helicopters and insuring they are delivered to wherever they are needed through out the war. Reading along side McKay's life, you really get a clear image of how tiring and demanding the life of a Vietnam soldier can really be. Learning about the hardships during various missions, you learn about a whole new side to the war. 

Unlike other war books that usually grab the attention of most male readers, I believe this book can be enjoyed by so many more readers. His story should be read by more than just the typical war book readers, because his story is something special that should be shared upon so many more people. 

Although I enjoyed many aspects of this book, I found it a bit long and at some points, the book seemed to ramble on more than I would have preferred. Overall I thought this was a good book deserving of 2/5 stars.

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