Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Siri For Dummies by Marc Saltzman {Book Review}

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Book Review:  This is an easy-to-read For Dummies title, that will teach you everything you need to know about Siri plus loads more of information. First introduced in the iPhone 4s, it's one of Apple's newest innovative technology. 

So what exactly is Siri? It can be best described as a personal assistant inside your iPhone that is controlled by your voice, making productivity much quicker. 

You can fully customize Siri to understand where you live, who your parents are, and what you prefer to be called, and Siri will respond accordingly. Once Siri knows more about you, you can ask for directions home, or to text dad. 

Setting up appointments is easier now then ever with Siri as your assistant, all you need to do is tell Siri when and where, and the reminder or alert will be set in your phone in a snap. Just ask Siri questions like "What does my day look like?" and she will quickly give you a list of your reminders. Just as any other assistant might do. 

Since Siri has GPS built inside, you can set reminders to alert you before departing or when arriving at a certain destination i.e. "Remind me to set the oven to 375 when I get home" or "Remind me to pick up dinner when I leave the office" 

Having built in GPS is also helpful when you need to get directions or find the nearest banking center. Just ask Siri for directions or an address to the places you need to get to, and she will locate your coordinates with step by step directions on how to arrive at your destination. 

Siri can also set up, change or cancel any alarms or reminders, all you have to do is tell Siri what you need. If Siri is lacking any information, she will simply ask for what is needed to confirm the task you need to perform. 

You can ask Siri any question you desire regarding the weather around the world, and she can predict if you'll be needing an umbrella or if you should pack shorts or pants for your vacation to Nashville. 

Of course Siri can also assist you in sending emails and texts as well as make calls, and even initiate Face-Time Calls. Siri is able to access your emails, read them aloud to you and respond by telling Siri what your would like your email to say. Don't worry about your emails not sounding as professional, just add in your punctuation as you speak by telling Siri when you need a period or a comma. 

Need to Google something? Just ask Siri and you can perform a web search as you need it. Siri can perform mathematical equations, define words from a dictionary and answer almost any question that Google can. 

Siri can access your music library to play songs as you wish, just tell Siri what you want to listen to. Any settings and controls that you can do with your fingers from your music library, you can easily do just as easy with your voice. 

Basically Siri can do anything your human assistant at the office can do, besides make you a cup of coffee. To find even more details on what Siri is capable of, check out the book. It makes a great gift to anyone who is getting a new Apple Device. I give this book 5/5 

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