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The Lost Identity by Troy Bond {Book Review}

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British agents contact a man, who is never named, and is the narrator for this story. He is undergoing police charges for a crime he did not commit. He is then selected to travel to Maharaja's Palace, posing as his old roommate and friend, Dr. Paul Ross. Paul was murdered, and the British agents want to know why.

Dr. Ross teaches at Oxford and is known best for his translated copy of a piece of two thousand year old Sanskrit text, the Text of Akbar. It is rumored that it is written by a Muslim who was in Nazareth during Jesus Christ's teaching period.

There are several people from all around the world who are in search of the Text of Akbar.This hunt is life changing, and most people will stop at absolutely nothing until they find it. Now, Paul's death has clues that point to the involvement of the Text, now he has no choice but to continue on and find the Text of Akbar and stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

As the narrator learns more and more about the murderer, including his name, but now he must find him, so the hunt across the world makes his desire to avenge his friends death even more intense and vital.

This book has a combination of an eerie old Palace, and valuable, missing ancient artifacts, making it have an Indiana Jones, Da Vinci Code, thriller feel to this novel. It has a hint of religion incorporated throughout the story that is similar to the Da Vinci Code. The descriptive words of the Palace make it feel creepy, and mysterious, keeping me from putting this book down.

I normally love thrillers, but the similarities from other books made it a bit predictable. For someone who doesn't read a lot of thrillers, and hasn't read the Da Vinci Code might get more enjoyment from this book then I did. I enjoyed the story, and read the book through, but I kept waiting for more climax, but it never seemed to appear in the way I imagined the book could turn.

I was definitely confused about the narrator, and why his name is such a mystery. Even when the police and his close friends address him, his name is never mentioned. I wonder why Troy Bond had decided to keep his narrator anonymous.

I give this book a 3/5.

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